Centro de eliminación de piojos y liendres en Pamplona

Eliminar Piojos Pamplona


Centro para Eliminar Piojos Pamplona.

Calle de la Rioja,2 (Parque Yamaguchi)

31008- Pamplona

Llámanos 623 23 74 20

Una vez relleno el formulario nos pondremos en contacto contigo para confirmar día y hora.

Que opinan nuestros clientes sobre nuestro Centro para Eliminar Piojos en Pamplona

  • Carmen is an excellent person Super attentive and magician. Very committed to her work.
  • Carmen is very nice and patient with my daughter's abundant hair, she has treated us with care and patience, lock by lock, next week we will return to the review
  • Carmen is a delight. I went the first time and she removed all the lice in one visit today and I went to the check-up and she didn't have any. She is a woman of ten and knows well how to do her job. I recommend her and it is a very familiar place to continue like this. Well, Carmen, you are the best... Leear Más

Nuestro tratamiento exclusivo de eliminación de Piojos

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Ven a nuestro centro!!! para acabar con los piojos y liendres

Elimina los piojos en 60-90 minutos! Nuestros tratamientos 100% efectivos y naturales tienen garantía con una revisión pasada 1 semana.

Pon la cabecita de tu hij@ en manos de profesionales.

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